Foster Friday: MJ Lewander

Moving across the country and starting a life in a new city all by yourself can be very difficult. This was the experience of our latest Foster Friday feature, MJ Lewander. She came to Wags not only as a way to find something to keep her company, but in order to foster dogs and prepare them for adoption! Her selflessness is why we do what we do! So let’s meet MJ!


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I'm 22 and recently moved to LA.  I work in sports broadcast and am originally from Rhode Island. 

What got you started fostering for Wags & Walks?

When I first moved here I didn't know anyone and needed to find a running buddy and hiking partner, and the pups at Wags did just that!  In addition to getting to help out at the shelter I couldn't think of anything more fun than getting to bring some of the companions home with me until they were ready for adoption.

To date, how many dogs have you fostered for Wags? Do you have a favorite? (Don't worry, we won't tell the others!)

I have gotten to foster six puppers since I started at Wags and they all have been such sweethearts.  My favorite so far has to be Otter, one of the Australian Cattle puppies we got a few months ago!


What has been your biggest challenge fostering?

My biggest challenge has been seeing the pups come in so sick initially or scared, but is so rewarding to see them bond and trust you so quickly.

How has fostering affected you?

Fostering for Wags and Walks has given me so many running buddies, hiking partners, and I've learned how much I love taking care of these creatures.  They are so sweet and fun to come home to, even though I usually manage to bring them with me just about everywhere. It also doesn't hurt to have a puppy to curl up with you while you binge Netflix after a long day.


What has been your biggest surprise as a foster parent?

How trainable all the dogs have been.  It's so rewarding getting a dog in and seeing how much you can teach and bond with it within a few days, you find out their habits and quirks from dog to dog. 

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in becoming a foster?  

DO IT.  It has been so rewarding, and it's like the best subscription box you could ask for, one that lets you play with a puppy whether it's long term or just a few days.  The staff at Wags are also so amazing so even if you really love the pups you know they will be going to their perfect home. The whole process makes me so happy, which is why I rarely don't have a foster dog to take care of, it's truly the best!


Volunteers and fosters are always needed! Lack of volunteer experience is not a problem; if you can love, you can volunteer. Wags & Walks will be there every step of the way! Find out more information about how you can get involved on our website!

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