Wagging Tails Wednesday: Daisy

Happy Wednesday everyone! We can’t believe summer is going by so quickly, but we guess it’s true that time flies when you’re having fun! We can’t remember what life was like before the summer started. Similarly, our latest edition of Wagging Tails Wednesday features Kayla and Daisy, who can’t remember what life was like before they had each other. Read on to learn all about their journey bringing happiness home:


Tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog (when did you adopt him/her, is this your first dog, etc.).

I had been wanting a dog since I moved out to LA. I’d always had dogs my whole life, and hated being without one. She’s a goofball, super silly and LOVES to jump and roll in the grass, on a soft carpet, or, well, anywhere. She just loves rolling. She had a rough start to life so she can be scared sometimes, and is fiercely protective of me. But she is also very playful and loves being around other dogs, big and small. She makes friends wherever she goes and the woman who watches her for daycare ADORES her. She’s just got a really big heart for such a tiny dog. 

How did you find out about Wags & Walks?

You know, I’m not sure. I think when I once I realized the timing was finally right I just started looking for all different kinds of reputable LA rescues, because I knew I wanted to rescue a dog. 

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How did you know your dog was “the one”? 

It was just one of those moments where everything just worked out perfectly. I had checked in on a bunch of dogs through Wags and Walks and I was always just too late. And I was going to go to an adoption event, but then it didn’t work out. I was doing my daily ritual (at the time) of scrolling through wags and walks and that’s when I saw her. I knew she was new, because I hadn’t seen her before. She was perfect. She was a small terrier – which I knew I loved because my family has a little Cairn Terrier at home in PA – and she was 1 ½ so not a complete puppy, and her name was Daisy. Those are my favorite flowers and one of the names I was considering for when I got my dog. It was meant to be!

Have there been any challenges or setbacks you’ve had to overcome? What was your biggest surprise?

I’m still working on her barking. She’s so protective of me, I think since she’s been both abused and abandoned, and I’m a constant for her. She feels like she needs to protect me, which is sweet, but can be frustrating when it’s just one of my neighbors walking by the door and she barks. But I’ve been doing research and trying to make sure she feels at home and knows I’m always going to be there, and of course, working with positive reinforcement. She’s very treat motivated! 

My biggest surprise would probably be her personality. She is SUCH a little diva. She is only about 5 pounds but likes to think she owns every room. She’s got such a confident little ‘tude. And she’s fearless. The woman at daycare calls her “parkour puppy” because she can jump so high and will jump from one thing to another like a wild little daredevil. It’s hilarious. 


What is your favorite thing about your dog? Does he/she have any funny quirks? 

I think it’s hilarious the way she rolls. She will crawl on the ground stretching out her front and back legs as much as she can, then throw herself onto her back and throw herself back and forth. She’ll do this on any surface – grass, a soft carpet, the rug at CVS! It’s so funny to watch. 

Also the way she walks is hilarious. She has these teeny, tiny little legs and when she walks it’s almost like she doesn’t bend them at all? It’s kind of like she’s always prancing. It’s hard to miss. 

My favorite thing though is how cuddly she is. She really just wants love. And she deserves it!

What is your favorite thing about being a doggy parent? 

The companionship. I just love having my little buddy around. You can bring her to outdoor movie screenings, shopping, to work… I take her home with me when I visit my family. She’s my furry little other half. Dogs are intuitive. They know when you’re upset. Daisy just gets it and she climbs right on top of you, licks your face and snuggles in. There’s just nothing better than a dog’s unconditional love.


How has your dog changed you?

I think I’m just a happier person with Daisy around. Every day I just feel like my heart is about to burst I love her so much. I’ll never get over how cute she is. She’s just such an adorable, weird little nugget and I love her!

Is there anything else you’d like to share about you and your pup?

Just that I’m so grateful for Wags and Walks. I can’t imagine life without Daisy.


Thank you so much for sharing your story with us Kayla. We couldn’t be happier you and Daisy found each other and know that you two complete each other.

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