Doggy Zodiac Series: Leo

This week (July 22) marked the start of a new zodiac sign, Leo! As part of our zodiac series, we’ve done the research and put together a list of some of our adoptable dogs that are Leos inside & out - regardless of their birthday! 

Leo is symbolized by the lion, the kings and queens of the jungle, and they are use to being treated as such. In line with their royal status, Leos are passionate, full of life, dramatic and natural-born leaders. But all their clout can come with some flaws, occasionally showing stubbornness when things don’t go their way or jealousy when somebody else is basking in the spotlight. 

Some of the best qualities of a Leo are stability, loyalty, and consistency. They are dedicated friends and family members who put their heart into every relationship, which is fitting as the Leo sign governs the heart. Who doesn’t want a dog like that!? 

Check out some of our Leo pups below to see if your doggy soulmate is there! 

Doggy Zodiac Series_Leo_Auckland

Auckland is a 10-month-old Boxer whose biggest dream is to spend all day outdoors, like a lion on the sahara! Her energy and zest for life is contagious, making her the perfect running buddy, but her gentle side comes through when it’s time to snuggle with her favorite people. 

Doggy Zodiac Series_Leo_Kenan

Doesn’t Kenan look like a lion with his haircut? Although we had to shave his fur because it was in such bad shape, we love his look and think his furry mane just makes him cuter! He’s shown the courage of Simba through the harder times of life, and at 8 years old, he’s approachable, opinionated and ready for any and all adventures! 

Doggy Zodiac Series_Leo_Lizzo

Lizzo will not only be the queen of your home, but she’ll rule your heart too. This shepherd mix is full of an energy and curiosity that can only be found in a puppy (or a lion). She loves everyone she meets and would make a great family dog, outdoor adventure buddy and workout partner.

Doggy Zodiac Series_Leo_Rajah

Rajah is a spectacular brindle Pit Bull mix. This gregarious young lady loves meeting new people and other dogs, and she is known for her loving and happy personality, wagging tail, and willingness to give and get affection. While she could use a brush up on some basic training, a lion’s belly is never full so she’s easy to train with a treat (or two!). 

If you’re waiting for the stars to align to find your doggy soulmate, check out our full list of available dogs here!

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