Doggy Zodiac Series: Taurus

Tomorrow marks the first day of a new zodiac chapter - welcome Taurus season!

Taurus season runs from April 20 through May 20, and the fact that the zodiac sign is a bull reveals a few things right away: Tauruses are known for being strong-willed, determined and dedicated. But it’s not all work for these guys - Tauruses also take the cake when it comes to being reliable, loyal and devoted to their loved ones. They love to indulge in pleasure, whether that means a long walk or a doggy massage.

We are excited to introduce you to some of our available Taurus pups! Of course, we don’t know their real birthdays but it’s clear that these dogs definitely carry a little bit of Taurus in them.

Wags & Walks_Zodiac Series Taurus_Brutus

Brutus is the definition of a gentle giant. His previous owners actually turned him in because they wanted to guard dog, but this guy only knows how to love. While he’s learning his own strength and could benefit from some leash training (remember, the zodiac sign for Tauruses is a bull!), he is goofy, friendly and lovable with everyone he meets.

Wags & Walks_Zodiac Series Taurus_Eden

Eden is a sweet and cuddly girl who seems like her sole purpose for existing is to make you smile. Tauruses love to indulge, and Eden’s choice of pleasure is relaxing in her human’s lap and finding the nearest sun spot to fall asleep in. However, Tauruses are known to not like sudden changes so Eden can sometimes be timid around new dogs at first - but she warms up after time and has some great four-legged buddies!

Wags & Walks_Zodiac Series Taurus_Carlton

Just look at this cutie with his short legs and long ears! Carlton is an outgoing, spunky little pup who loves going for walks, exploring his surroundings and meeting new people. A true trailblazing Taurus, he is independent and confident, but he also loves to snuggle up with his human at the end of a long day.

Wags & Walks_Zodiac Series Taurus_Ophelia

Our stunning brindle pitbull, Ophelia, has soulful eyes that make it hard not to fall in love immediately. Although a large pup at 70 pounds, she’s very mellow and gentle and wants nothing more than to be surrounded by people. Her weakness is head rubs - according to her foster, “she is OBSESSED with head rubs. She sits in front of you, lays her head on your lap, and closes her eyes when you pet her.” Can you think of anything better?

We hope your next month is full of love, determination and loyalty - our favorite Taurus qualities! If you’re looking for the perfect puppy partner, check out our available dogs and maybe the stars will align for you! Your pawfect match is out there.

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Team Wags