Foster Friday: Marci and Ted

TGIF...and TG for fosters! Our fosters are so important to us that we wish we could celebrate them on a daily basis. From opening up their homes to training newborn puppies to teaching our dogs love and affection, they go above and beyond to help our mission.

Today, we are happy to introduce you to Marci and Ted, a power couple who uses their free time to foster dogs (14 and counting!) for Wags & Walks. We are so lucky to have them as part of our team and are eternally grateful for everything they have done for us.

Wags and Walks_Foster Friday_Marci and Ted

Tell us a bit about yourself.

Ted is an actor and Marci is a copywriter at an ad agency - we moved to LA last year to pursue our dreams. We were recently married and actually named the tables at our wedding after our foster dogs - it was a hit!

What got you started fostering for Wags & Walks?

We used to live in Brooklyn, where we fostered dogs with Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue. When we moved to LA, we knew we wanted to keep fostering, and we found Wags on Instagram and decided to come in and learn more. The rest is history! It's such an amazing organization that we're proud to be affiliated with, and we are amazed at the sheer number of dogs Wags is able to save on an ongoing basis.

To date, how many dogs have you fostered for Wags? Do you have a favorite? (Don't worry, we won't tell the others!)

So far we’ve fostered 14 dogs for Wags! Some we’ve only had for a few days, and the longest we had a foster with Wags was for about six weeks! Our favorite was probably Raina, who we had for six weeks - but we pretty much fall in love with all of them :)

Wags and Walks_Foster Friday_Marci and Ted

What has been your biggest challenge fostering?

We foster a lot of dogs that are dealing with health issues like kennel cough or other ailments and it can be hard to see them sick and sad, but (!) it’s also very rewarding to help them start feeling better and get ready for their forever home.

How has fostering affected you?

It has brought us lots of joy and helped us meet lots of people in the neighborhood because they like to say hi to our dogs. We’ve also learned a lot about dog behavior in general and training methods, which has been interesting.

Wags and Walks_Foster Friday_Marci and Ted

What has been your biggest surprise as a foster parent?

How many dogs are able to escape their crates! ;) Also, how quickly we fall in love with our foster dogs.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in becoming a foster?  

When we first get our fosters, we try to be home a lot so they get a feel for us and their surroundings. We also try to give them their space to decompress and explore our apartment when they first arrive. Also, we made a promise to ourselves that we wouldn’t adopt any of our first 5 foster dogs - they definitely helped us not “foster fail” in the beginning! It does get harder and harder not to keep every foster, but we also love being able to help so many dogs as they wait to find their forever families.

Wags and Walks_Foster Friday_Marci and Ted

Thank you for sharing your story, Marci and Ted! If naming your wedding tables after your foster dogs isn’t true love, we don’t know what is! Talk about #CoupleGoals.

If you’re interested in fostering for Wags & Walks, you can learn more here. Please follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Also, don’t forget to sign up for our e-mail newsletter, and check our website for available dogs. Who doesn’t love cute animal pupdates?


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