How Animal Rescue Supports The Community

We all know that animal rescue organizations and no-kill shelters are great for the lives of the dogs, cats and other animals that are rescued. That is the obvious part. But the significance these organizations have on the communities around them is often overlooked, and goes so much further than just rescue!

A study at the University of Denver recently discovered a lot of positive information in regards to no-kill shelters and what they do for their communities. When studying how the “no-kill plan” affected Austin, Texas, they found that the economic benefit was a whopping $157 million! In addition to this, no-kill shelters have a positive impact on their communities, largely due to the shelters providing jobs and creating an appealing community to live and start businesses in. Let’s explore a few of these perks!

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Appealing to Live in. Communities that save their animals tend to attract more residents and thus more businesses, helping to benefit the local economy further. A pet-friendly environment is appealing to both people and companies, and in recent years we’ve seen a trend in businesses to offer dog-friendly work environments. We’re on board with that!

Provides Jobs. Any new business will create jobs for people within their neighborhood. No-kill shelters are the same: they offer vet-techs, animal behaviorists, veterinarians, groomers, and so many other people jobs. No-kill shelters also encourage volunteer work, thus giving the community something to work on together out of goodwill. If you’re interested in learning about volunteer opportunities at Wags & Walks, check out this page!

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Social Benefits. No-kill shelters and animal rescue organizations actually have a positive impact on people’s behavior. Within these communities, people tend to value animal’s lives more and feel empowered to speak out against animal mistreatment and sightings of abuse. Adoption rates go up and people keep their pets longer. This, in turn, has shown to have positive physical, mental and social impacts on people’s lives.

Emotional Benefits. There’s a lot of research that shows the emotional benefits animals have for people. A no-kill shelter can have an incredible impact on the people that work to save and help these animals, as well as on the families that adopt them into their furever home.

Benefits the Animals. It goes without saying that no-kill shelters are incredibly impactful on the animals rescued, but it’s true. No-kill shelters allow for displaced animals to be rescued from euthanization and given a second chance at life in a caring home.

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The way no-kill shelters and animal rescue organizations can impact communities is dramatic and impressive. Not only are they improving people’s lives, but they are also saving the lives of wonderful animals, giving them the chance to live their best life!

If you’re interested in supporting our mission at Wags & Walks, consider joining our Pup Club! For as little as $10/month, you can join the pawty and become part of the Wags & Walks family. And as always, every dollar goes toward saving family-friendly dogs in LA.

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