Love Your Pet Day, featuring Wags & Walks Alumni

Today is the easiest holiday to celebrate - it’s Love Your Pet Day! Now let’s be real, we celebrate this holiday 365 days of the year because there isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t love our furry family members. Even when our canine counterparts chew up our favorite shoes or dig up our garden, we can’t deny that underneath our anger is a whole lot of love.

To share the love on this special day, we asked our Wags & Walks adopters to share what they love about their dogs. Read on for the heartwarming responses we received.

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Ziba

“I love Ziba because she is always down for a road trip, never complains, and has great instincts about people.” - Sheila

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Brecken

"Brecken makes me feel like the best dog mom ever when he gives me big smiles and a few licks after a fun day together." - Alexandra Rethore

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet_Mimosa

“We love our Mimosa because she is the fur child we never knew we needed.” - Olivia Arana

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Doc Jones

“I look at Doc Jones and his big brown eyes, and I think I couldn't possibly love anything in the world more, like my heart will explode. Then, I wake up the next day, and I love him even MORE. How is that even possible?! This rescue dog is what rescued me. My dog-son and the love of my life, Doc Jones. He saved me from myself.” - Rachel Lee

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Diesel

“We love Diesel because he really loves us!” - Ron Perry

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Luna

“There are many reasons why I love Luna, but I’ll keep this short!  Luna brings a great amount of happiness and color to my life. She gives me something to laugh and smile about every day. Most important, her unconditional love is inspiring and unbeatable!” - Maryem Langroudi

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_George

“We love George because he’s the best Big Brother!” - Catie Cullari

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Ruthie

“We love Ruthie because no matter what, she always tries to do the right thing! (and she is an expert level cuddler)” - Dalia Spingarn

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Jenny

“We love our Jenny Dog From The Block, she is our ray of sunshine.” - Jasmine Bishop

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Pumpkin

“I love my dog Pumpkin because she is the optimist I strive to be. She sees the best light in every person and challenges us to be kinder and more patient people. Every day with her is filled with exciting adventure and calming cuddles.” - Jessica Carlson

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Myelin

“We love Myelin because she’s our best friend that never leaves our side.” - Camila Cardonatto

Wags & Walks_Love Your Pet Day_Harley

“Just because! (Harley ..adopted 9/22/2013)” - Simone Wilde

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