Joining Pup Club: What Impact Will You Have?

If you’re interested in getting involved with Wags & Walks but don’t have the time to volunteer or the means to foster, then joining our Pup Club may be the perfect fit for you! Pup Club is a group of our dedicated supporters who have pledged to support us on a recurring basis.

Not only do members receive benefits like a welcome gift, invites to special events, and stories of dogs we were able to save with your donation, but you become an integral part of the lifesaving work that we do every day.

Every dollar goes toward saving family-friendly dogs in LA and finding them a perfect home - but are you wondering what impact your monthly gift will have on these dogs? Read on to hear a little bit about the journey of a rescue pup and what happens behind the scenes at Wags & Walks.

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Shelter Visits & Rescue Missions

About twice a week, the Wags & Walks team spends hours visiting shelters around the LA area to meet dogs and decide which ones we can rescue. Besides the time our team spends making these trips, we also have to cover general maintenance for our van as well as gas, which you can imagine adds up quickly! However, we are able to save 15-20 dogs per week, so it’s all worth it in the end!

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Vet & Grooming

After we rescue our dogs from the shelter, we take them to a veterinary clinic to get medically checked. All of our dogs need vaccines, flea and tick medication, and a general check up. We also spay/neuter every dog, if they aren’t already. Additionally, dogs are often matted and neglected, so they require grooming (shaving, nails cut, bath, etc.).

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Isadora is an example of one of our neglected pups who needed some extra TLC, which came with lots of unexpected costs! Not only did Isadora need dental work due to years of neglect and a bad diet, but she ended up with two mammary tumors as a result of not being spayed earlier in life. Between fixing her teeth, having the tumors removed and biopsied, and doing x-rays and blood work to make sure tumors didn’t spread, Wags & Walks ended up with a bill of almost $1,500. Sadly, Isadora’s story is very common for dogs we save, and this is just one of hundreds of examples of the medical issues (and unexpected costs) we encounter.

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Adoption Center & Fosters

The Adoption Center is our biggest cost (including rent, electricity and water costs, and general maintenance) and our most critical asset. At any given time, we are caring for around 90 dogs, including pups housed at the Adoption Center, as well as those in foster care, at training, and receiving medical care at the vet.

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Fosters are critical to our mission at Wags & Walks because they provide a loving home and the care that our dogs so desperately need. While our fosters are all volunteers and take on this role out of the goodness of their hearts, we do provide them with all supplies needed to care for a dog, including crates, toys, food, beds, blankets, etc.

Training & Events

The last step in a dog’s journey is making sure they are ready for adoption! This includes ensuring they are well behaved and are giving them the chance to meet as many potential adopters as possible. We have a team of trainers who work with our dogs that need to improve their manners, whether it’s walking on a leash or separation anxiety. At any given time, we have a few dogs out in training.

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Wags & Walks also hosts regular adoption events to get as many eyes on our dogs as possible. We host everything from doga (yoga with dogs!) to art classes where guests can paint their pup, and also do community outreach by bringing our available dogs to different local events and sharing our mission. Our Wags Kids! Humane Education Program engages the younger generation and educates children about the importance of dog rescue, with events like our bi-monthly Paws & Pajamas where children can read to our pups. You can check out our upcoming events here!

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From running the adoption center to covering medical and training expenses, Wags & Walks spends an average of $1,200 per dog to rescue dogs in need. While every dog’s journey with us is different, the general recurring expenses remain the same. Our goal is to save over 1,500 dogs in 2019, and we wouldn’t be able to do it without our donors, especially our Pup Club members. We are eternally grateful for the support we get every single day from this incredible community of dog-lovers.

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