Tips to Travel Safely with Your Dog

It’s officially summertime in LA, so that can mean lots of day trips and vacations. At Wags & Walks, we know that no vacation is complete unless your dog is there to spend it with you. Traveling can be stressful, and planning a trip that includes your furry friend may seem overwhelming, so we have some tips that should alleviate stress and help you have a fun vacation!

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1. When traveling with your pet it is important to have a designated area for them - ideally this would be a crate. A crate is an established area of territory and is better than having your sidekick loose in the back seat.

  •  An important tip is to keep your dog’s crate spacious. Try to limit the amount of toys and blankets in there. Too many things can quickly overwhelm your pet and make them feel cramped. 

  • Choose one chew toy - we love a Kong filled with peanut butter - and a familiar blanket. The Kong will keep them occupied for a long time while the blanket smells like the comfort of home.

3. If you are traveling to a different state or country, you may need certain paperwork. Many places, such as airlines, require recent health certificates and vaccination verification. It is always a good idea to call ahead to the airline or hotel to see what paperwork they need.

4. The biggest fear when traveling with a furry sidekick is the possibility of losing them. A new environment means exciting new smells and places to explore. A microchip is a common way to keep tabs or your pooch, but if your furry companion doesn’t have one, make sure their tags are up-to-date. We also love Huan, a nationwide sensor network. Knowing where your dog is simple with Huan: attach a smart tag to your dogs collar, download the app and keep an eye on your buddy at all time.

5. Traveling can sometimes cause anxiety or motion sickness in dogs, and we know the last thing you want is for your dog to get sick. Whether you are going on a long car ride or flight, it can be helpful for your dog to skip a meal before you leave for your trip. Of course, depending on the length of your journey you will want to make adjustments so your dog does get some food. It can help to provide small amounts of wet and dry food so your dog stays hydrated and has some nourishment. Do what is best for your vacation timeline.

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6.Hydration is key! Pack extra water and help your pet stay hydrated. Frequent stops to give your dog water can help them stretch their legs and stay hydrated. Ideally, attach a bowl of water inside your dog’s crate so they can self-regulate their own water intake.

7. It’s important to never leave your dog alone in the car, especially in hot weather. It isn’t a safe and it only takes a few minutes for the situation to become a serious health risk - plus, leaving your dogs in the car is illegal in many states. Dogs are always wearing a coat of fur so they experience the heat more intensely than us.

8. Have fun! You get to go on vacation with your furever friend, and that’s awesome! Make sure to take lots of pictures to capture your fun vacation and show them off to your friends.

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We hope everyone has pawesome vacations this summer!

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