5 Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for You and Your Dog

Valentine’s Day can be one of those holidays that is so hyped up that it ultimately becomes a disappointment. Between trying to find a date, getting a dinner reservation at that coveted restaurant, and dressing up, it can be exhausting - and far from the celebration of love that it’s meant to represent.

But do you know how to guarantee the most special, loving Valentine’s Day yet? Spend it with your pup! Read on for five of our favorite date ideas for you and your dog.

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Take a Hike

We are always advocates of getting outside. It improves the health of you and your dog, and there’s nothing a little vitamin D can’t fix. Like most eligible bachelors, your dog probably loves long, romantic walks on the beach...or the park...or anywhere, really. You can check out some of our favorite outdoor, dog-friendly activities here.

Netflix & Chill

Oh yes, you read that right. You don’t even have to leave the house to impress your doggy date! Simply relaxing on the couch and watching a movie (A Dog’s Way Home, anyone?) is sure to be the perfect evening for both of you. Skip the crowds and order in dinner...just don’t forget a dog-friendly treat for that special someone.

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Go to a Doggy Friendly Restaurant

There is no shortage of dog-friendly restaurants in LA. What is more romantic than grabbing a patio seat under the stars and enjoying a nice meal with the one who loves you most? Some restaurants even have dedicated menus for dogs, like Ashland Hill and The Morrison, so what are you waiting for? Table for two, please!

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Go on a Shopping Spree

The holidays may be over, but is it ever time to stop spoiling your pup? Take your soulmate on a shopping spree and show your love with heart shaped bones and red squeaky toys. Pro tip: if you go the day after Valentine’s Day, all of those themed toys will probably be on sale. And let’s be honest...your dog probably won’t know that the holiday is over.

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Go to the Dog Park

While this goes against the 1:1 tradition of Valentine’s Day activities, this is the way to go if you’re willing to share your date with others! Head to your local dog park to enjoy watching your dog run and play with several of his/her peers. And who knows, you might meet a special someone there too! At least you’ll know you both love dogs.

Wags & Walks_Valentine's Day

We hope that you are your pup have a pawfect Valentine’s Day celebration, whatever you choose to do! Valentine’s Day is about sharing love. If you have more love to give, considering adding another furry member to your family and check out our available dogs. Another life companion for you and a playmate for your pup - it’s a win-win!

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