Wagging Tail Wednesday: Murray

Happy Wednesday, everyone! With the start of a new year, we are excited to keep working toward our goal of finding forever homes for even more innocent, loving dogs in Los Angeles.

One of our favorite things is seeing our alumni thrive in their new homes. On today’s Wagging Tail Wednesday, we would like to introduce you to Murray, who was adopted by two wonderful humans, Jacob and Devin. Read on to learn more about how Murray wormed his way into his family’s hearts - and is there to stay!

Wags & Walks_Wagging Tail Wednesday_Murray

Tell us a little bit about yourself and your dog (when did you adopt him/her, is this your first dog, etc.).

We adopted Murray in 2017. At the time, we had a rescued pit bull from Karma and a three legged Lab/Corgi mix. We met Murray while checking out NKLA and we couldn’t say no to his dopey, beautiful face. He is the sweetest dog I’ve ever had in my life, and I grew up with dogs.

How did you find out about Wags & Walks?

We’ve followed Wags and Walks on social media for a long time and met the team at an event before we adopted Murray.

How did you know your dog was “the one”?

One look into his goofy eyes was enough. He was swollen from a chicken allergy, he had a reddish face and his paws were chewed up and swollen. We switched all the dogs to a lamb diet and he cleared right up.

Have there been any challenges or setbacks you’ve had to overcome? What was your biggest surprise?

Probably his bird allergy. He even reacts to being on a down comforter or down pillows, so we had to adjust some bedding around. But overall, it’s been all delights and awesomeness.

Wags & Walks_Wagging Tail Wednesday_Murray

What is your favorite thing about your dog? Does he/she have any funny quirks?

Murray is a 70 pound ball of quirks. He grumbles when frustrated. He has a massive overbite. He’s lazy. He’s a total drooler, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What is your favorite thing about being a doggy parent?

Waking up to a warm pile of love. Having little idiots living with us who are a constant source of entertainment. Coming home to pups that are eager to play and go for a long walk.

Wags & Walks_Wagging Tail Wednesday_Murray

How has your dog changed you?

He drools so much, we mop a lot more now. Just kidding! He’s brought a lot of love into the house and improved nap times by 10,000%.

Is there anything else you’d like to share about you and your pup?

He has his own instagram: @MrFlipFlaps

Wags & Walks_Wagging Tail Wednesday_Murray

Thank you so much, Jacob and Devin, for sharing your story with us and giving Murray a wonderful furever home! If you don’t already, go follow Murray on Instagram. If you need any proof of his modeling skills, just see the photo above!

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