Wagging Tails Wednesday - Frankie/Fabby

We love getting updates from adopters of our Wags and Walks alumni! Especially after we follow up congratulating them on their adoptiversary! 

Helen sent us an update telling us Frankie/Fabby, now known as Moose, “Is the light of our life” and we couldn’t be more overjoyed to hear so! 

Moose’s Mom also says “We are extremely happy with moose. We are so honored he chose us and let us be his companions! He is the most loving, caring, fun dog we have ever met!!!!”

And then came the best part! Helen and her partner would like to start fostering for Wags and Walks! We love when our alumni community wants to get further involved. Do you live in the Los Angeles area? If so, learn how you can get involved here!

Until next time,



Team Wags