Top Furriendly Spots in LA: Westside Edition

Los Angeles may be one of the most dog-friendly cities in America. Whether it’s a dog bowl outside every door down Montana Avenue in Santa Monica or hotels offering dog beds and chew toys for their puppy patrons, there is no shortage of dog friendly destinations to bring your furry friends. In our first edition of Top Furriendly Spots in LA, we are going to take you to our favorite spots on the Westside, ranging from brunch spots, to hotels, to coffee shops to get some fresh air with your pupper pal.  

Foster Friday: Bob Hsiao

It’s Foster Friday which means it’s time to show our appreciation to a very special foster! This Friday we would like to put our very own Bob Hsiao in the spotlight! Bob currently volunteers at Wags & Walks and helps in the process of finding our furry friends a furever home. As if volunteering isn’t enough, he also fosters our little pups any chance he gets! Ladies and gentlemen, meet Bob!

Wagging Tail Wednesday: Cosmo

They say that when you meet “the one”, you know. That is exactly what happened when Zack and Sheena met their pawfect match in Cosmo.

“We knew we wanted to adopt a dog in need and when we saw the picture of Cosmo on the Wags and Walks website, we rushed over to the adoption location,” said Zack. “Within an hour, we were driving home with Cosmo in our lap!”

Happy Howloween from Wags and Walks!

Halloween is one of our favorite holidays here at Wags and Walks, because what is more fun than dressing up your furry family members? Whether you are bringing your pup to a holiday office party  or letting him/her lend a hand in giving out candy, there is nothing better than getting creative and seeing how funny (or cute!) you can dress up your pup.

In honor of today, we are excited to share some of the most spooktacular Halloween costumes we’ve seen from a few of our favorite Wags and Walks alumni!

A Letter to Pit Bull Parents: You Are Superheroes

Pitbulls are the only dog breed with an entire month dedicated to their advocacy. And for good reason: they’re often at the core of breed-specific legislation, discrimination, and negative bias in the media.

As a result, bull owners tend to carry an extra responsibility that no other dog owner has to: combatting other people's fear and misconception. (Not to mention having a thick skin for those inevitable moments with rude or frightened people.) Because there’s a big difference when a pitbull is at the end of your leash compared to, say, a Chihuahua.

To that end, we spoke with a few Wags volunteers and alums to find out how they've been able to combat breed stereotypes. From pristine leash manners to tutus and everything in between, here are their tips:

Celebrating National Pit Bull Awareness Day 2018

For this #FeelGoodFriday post, we want to honor one of our favorite breeds of dogs: pit bulls! Pit Bulls are fun, loyal and intelligent dogs who are often given a less than stellar reputation. If people took the time to get to know these kind and loving creatures they would see all of the positive qualities they possess. In honor of October 27th being Pit Bull Awareness Day, we wanted to highlight some of our precious pitties that prove the negative stereotypes that surround these dogs are just plain wrong!

Miam La Maven Charity Poker Tournament

We are excited to be the beneficiaries of an amazing event, the Miam La Maven Charity Poker Tournament, this November 11th in honor of Mia Helena Sidaros (1997-2015), Jack Steven’s niece / Danielle & Ed Sidaros’ daughter. Mia’s had many aspirations and goals, and two of them were to start her own dog rescue organization and be an advocate for children fighting a similar fight to hers.

Foster Friday: Iliana

Although we appreciate our fosters every single day, we like to take a moment to show them a little extra love on our Foster Fridays. On these days, we pick a foster who has shown immense dedication, love and selflessness to express our appreciation for the work that they do.

On this Foster Friday, we are excited to spotlight a very special foster, Iliana. Iliana is only 10 years old, but she has already taken in 11 dogs for Wags & Walks! We don’t know who is cuter - Iliana, or the pups she fosters!

How to Keep Your Pets Healthy and In Shape this Holiday Season

October 10, 2018 was Pet Obesity Awareness Day. While most of us understandably think our pups are perfect the way they are (and they really are), keeping your dog at its optimal weight can improve its quality of life, prevent or decrease the severity of medical problems that come with age, and increase its life expectancy. As is the case with humans, a dog’s weight is impacted primarily by its level of exercise and diet. With the holidays around the corner, it’s important to start taking control of your dog’s health so they stay in shape (or get in shape) and feel their best, much like you do for yourself. Here are a few simple ways you can keep your dog healthy during the holiday season.

Wagging Tails Wednesday: Peggy (fka Tabitha)

Happy Wednesday Everyone! We are back with our latest Wagging Tails Wednesday feature, and this week we would like to introduce you to Peggy (fka Tabitha), who was adopted by Rich and Susan a few months back. We love hearing about the first time our adopters fell in love with their future pet and how that dog fits into the framework of the family. This little girl took no time to find her place, making her family wonder what they ever did without her. Read on to learn more about Peggy’s story:

Celebrate ‘Do Something Nice Day’ Today!

With busy schedules, personal struggles, and a never ending to-do list, it can be easy to forget about the things that matter. We underestimate how important little acts of kindness are. Today is Do Something Nice Day - a day that challenges people to stop for a moment and do something nice, whether it’s buying lunch for a hungry person or giving a hug to somebody who needs it.

We encourage you to celebrate this holiday in any way you feel inclined, but for those of you dog-lovers, we wanted to share a few acts of kindness that we always appreciate at Wags and Walks - today and every day!

Wagging Tails Wednesday: Pym

Happy Wednesday everyone! We hope that you are having a wonderful week so far. We are busy here at Wags and Walks getting ready for our annual gala. But we are taking a minute to share with you the adorable story about how Alan knew that Pym, fka Captain, was the dog for him. We are so proud to have amazing alumni stories like this one and can’t wait to hear more as we continue our efforts in saving more dogs. Without further ado, here is Alan and Pym’s story: