Rehoming Your Dog

If your desire to rehome your dog is because of behavioral or training issues, please contact a qualified training professional.  Here are a few of our recommended trainers. 

If the issue is housing, please remember your dog is a member of your family.  Consider offering your landlord a refundable pet deposit.  Sometimes that is enough to alleviate a landlord’s concerns.  Or, if you are open to moving, there are realtors dedicated to helping you find a place that allows you to rent with your dog.  Large property management companies often have blanket policies that may be more difficult to alter. Contact landlords of smaller properties directly, and be sure to show off your well behaved dog.  

Some tips and ideas for rehoming your pet:

Friends & Family - email everyone you know and ask them to share with everyone they know. Spread the word that your pet needs a new home.

Flyers - make an adoption flyer and post at local vet hospitals, grooming shops, pet supply stores, etc.

Visibility - get a bright colored "adopt me" bandana for your dog and visit parks, shopping centers, etc.

Social media - use sites like Facebook to share with the world that your pet needs a new home.

Craigslist - post an adoption ad in the pets section.

Adopt-A-Pet Rehome Service - post your pet for adoption on for millions of potential adopters to view. Using Rehome is free for the pet owner and offers a safe, reliable way to find a new home for a dog or cat.

*Please be diligent in screening potential adopters and never post your dog as "free to good home."

Make sure that all of your postings and flyers include great photos, a video if possible, and all of the details about your dog including age, breed, weight, gender, health status, behavior with other dogs, behavior with children, the type of home that would be most suitable.