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To The Rescue:  It Takes A Village

Q&A with Social Media Mavens Wags and Walks

In addition to their partnerships, Wags and Walks benefits from a healthy social media presence. So we asked Wags and Walks Chief Operating Officer Kimmy Kovacs to give us the lowdown.

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Rescue With A Heart:  Wags & Walks Rescue Founder Lesley Brog

Lesley is a lifelong animal lover. The daughter of a veterinarian, Lesley had dogs her entire life. She was always passionate about dogs, but mostly as a pet lover. Eight years ago Lesley was working as a pharmaceutical sales rep, and raising two little girls and a beloved pit bull named Duncan her ahha moment came via Facebook. Several years ago a Facebook post caught her eye – “Can someone, anyone please help Pooch — he is going to be put down today unless someone can help”. Wags and Walks was born when Lesley realized it was her turn to be the someone, and drove down to the rescue to save Pooch. Fast-forward five years,and Wags and Walks has saved a thousand + dogs in Los Angeles and Southern California.

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Pets // Who Rescued Who? One-Year Recap of Dog Adoption

Happy Adoption Anniversary, Bentley! Now, how old are you, REALLY?

Crazy to believe it’s already been over a year since we rescued our furkid through Wags and Walk’s pop-up event at The Grove. Read that post here. Wayne and I were both first-time dog owners and weren’t exactly sure what to expect, except that we both share the love of furry friends, wanted to adopt and were ready to be responsible dog owners.

Who Rescued Who? When we thought we were rescuing Bentley through adoption, it turns out it is hewho rescued us.

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People MagazinE

 "Photographer Documents Amazing Bond Between Shelter Animals and the Volunteers Who Care for Them"

As anyone who has volunteered at a shelter knows, developing a deep connection to the animals happens as instantaneously, and surprisingly, as a teenage crush.

When fine art dog photographer Jesse Freidin, 34, realized this, he decided to spend a year taking more than 100 moving portraits of homeless cats, dogs and the humans who care for them in a project called Finding Shelter.

"Volunteers open themselves up to intense heartbreak and intense joys," Freidin, who commuted from his Los Angeles studio to dozens of shelters and rescues throughout California for the project, tells PEOPLE.

"The thing that unites all these volunteers is a deep desire to help these animals, and the volunteers want to be involved in the animals' lives." 

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"Intimate Portraits Of Shelter Volunteers Reveal A Special Kind Of Love"

Jesse Freidin has spent the past year taking photos at animal shelters. But his subjects of focus are not dogs or cats. They're the humans. 

Freidin's project, called "Finding Shelter," examines the intimate bond formed between shelter volunteer and animal.

"No one talks about the logistical aspects of pet adoption, or how it takes a huge toll on people doing this work," Freidin told The Huffington Post. "These volunteers show up for free and carry the brunt of the work. They're the ones who allow the animals to go through the system and they're responsible for getting the animals adopted."

Freiden wanted to find out why these people, who dedicate hours upon hours to a thankless unpaid job, feel compelled to do what they do.

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Refinery 29

"Meet The 8 Cutest Dogs In L.A."

Brooklyn’s Adoption Story

"My husband and I had wanted a dog for a while, but it never felt like the right time to do it. But then I heard about No Kill L.A., and we decided just to stop by to see what kind of dogs they had, not thinking we'd actually be coming home with one! We saw two puppies we liked a little. Then, on our way out, we spotted Brooklyn in a gated-off area; she had just gotten fixed and was recovering. She was part of Wags and Walks, an amazing rescue organization. I sat down next to her, and it was instant."

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Lauren Conrad

Photo Diary: A Day at the Shelter with Wags and Walks

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve probably noticed that I have a soft spot for animal rescue. In fact, my own two pups Chloe and Fitz were adopted from shelters in the Los Angeles area. And last year, my mom started fostering litters of puppies for a local rescue organization called Wags and Walks. Wags and Walks was founded by Lesley Brog, an incredible woman who dedicates her life to rescuing family-friendly dogs and placing them in loving homes. This organization is special because they don’t choose their dogs based off of size, age, or breed. Dogs are chosen based on their disposition and likelihood to thrive when placed into a caring home. And this year alone, my mom helped to save 19 dogs for Wags and Walks through fostering. She’s pretty amazing!

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Going Public

How visibility and thinking outside the box is creating forever homes for homeless pups

Companies find kindness reaps financial rewards.

And it's not just canines and coffee. Pubs, restaurants, and retail stores are seeing the benefit of promoting adoption too. Wags and Walks, the rescue that provided the dogs for the Pup-Up Cafe, just staged its first “Yappy Hour,” where people bring their dog to a pub for a cocktail and a bite to eat—and mingle with adoptable pups.

Founder Lesley Brog said these social initiatives generate a ton of adoption applications and are a logical extension for rescue groups fighting to get the attention of potential pet parents.

“The dogs' personalities begin to emerge when they are comfortable,” she said. “We often see dogs come out of their shell immediately upon leaving the shelter. Once we know their personality we can best match them with a forever home."

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Dog Euthanasia Is Down, One L.A. Organization Helps

The landscape of dog adoption and euthanasia is changing in Los Angeles. Adoption rates are up and euthanasia is down.  

Between 2013 and 2015, the County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control saw a 42% decrease of euthanasia performed in shelters. This decrease is a result of a partnership developed between private dog rescue organization or ‘adoption partners’ and county shelters.  One rescue is taking that partnership a step further, with dog-to-owner match making.

Wags and Walks is a Los Angeles-based organization founded by self-proclaimed “Chief Animal Lover” Lesley Brog.  Brog couldn’t bear the thought of the euthanasia of any more dogs.  “I followed my heart, left my job as a pharmaceutical sales representative and started taking them one by one, getting them to the groomer, the vet and into great homes.  What followed organically were amazing people to help,” said Brog.

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Wags and Walks 4th Annual Gala Fundraiser’s Goal – Save 200 Dogs

Wags and Walks will celebrate their 4th Annual Gala April 24 at the SLS Hotel Beverly Hills. 

“I won’t leave until we have raised the funds to save two hundred dogs” said Founder Lesley Brog.   Each rescue bears a cost of about $500. This year Brog plans to save 1,000 animals, nearly double what the organization saved last year.

Wags and Walks saved 525 dogs in 2014 through their 501(c)(3) organization. On the day The Courier interviewed her,  Brog, who has conducted business from her kitchen table for four years, was in their new office preparing for the gala. 

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Wags and Walks teemed up with Buzzfeed!


Maria Menounos Gives Rescue Dogs a New Leash on Life

If you missed Maria Menounos’ guest-host appearance on “Live With Kelly and Michael” last week, you missed her gushing over one of her three dogs. “When I hug Benjamin, I feel like our hearts connect and melt and then we float into heaven. It is like the most unbelievable feeling in the whole world,” Menounos told Michael Strahan — only half joking — during the daytime talker.

Her love for canines — particularly rescue dogs — is the reason that L.A.-based rescue org Wags and Walks will honor Menounos at its fourth annual gala on April 24.

Wags and Walks founder Lesley Brog met the dog-loving performer at last year’s gala, when Menounos’ vet brought her as a guest. In the past year, Brog and Menounos have bonded, and the actress has bolstered the org’s social-media presence with weekly posts dubbed “Maria’s Monday Mutts.” Her posts feature a dog that is currently available for adoption through Wags and Walks. “There are so many gems at the shelter, and it is not because they are bad dogs. My rescues have been the greatest,” Menounos said.

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Best Friends LA Kings Weekly Featuring Wags & Walks Volunteer

Megan Carter


The Pet Matchmaker:  Pit bull rescue story


Abby Walla is an actress, writer, and animal lover living in Los Angeles with her Pit Bull rescue puppy, Oscar. You can find Abby on her website, AbbyWalla.com.


Pit Bull Rescue is a big part of animal rescue. Pit Bulls are misunderstood by many and often end up abandoned in shelters. With a little help from The Pet Matchmaker, Abby Walla and her brother each adopted one from different rescues this year.

This is Abby’s story, in her own words:

With the guidance of Elaine Hendrix aka The Pet Matchmaker, my family has adopted two Pit Bulls in the last year.

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Virgin Atlantic Blog: A Dog's Guide to Los Angeles

Exploring a city is much more fun with a four-legged friend in tow, especially when that city is as crazy about dogs as L.A. And while Los Angeles might not seem like an obvious choice for a canine excursion, our pup-friendly guide proves the opposite is true.

For the lowdown on some of the best places to take your hound, we teamed up with Lesley Brog; founder of L.A-based dog re-homing charity Wags and Walks, an organisation that specialise in matching rescue dogs to adoptee humans based on temperament rather than breed.

It is estimated that one in five L.A residents own at least one dog, which means the city is home to no less than 400,000 canines. It's little wonder therefore that so many hotels, restaurants and shops have decided to open their doors to our furry friends; they're big business. Despite that, however, L.A's animal charities and shelters face a constant battle to re-home and care for thousands of dogs each year.

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Beverly Courier: Wags and Walks Has Pups From

Devore Hoarder to Adopt Now


Local rescue organization Wags and Walks was one of several organizations that came to the rescue when the San Bernardino County animal control discovered nearly 200 dogs living in squalor.

Tragically, this is considered one of the largest cases of dog hoarding ever. The dogs were found in a condemned building in the high desert. The owner has not been identified.

The breeds included Weimaraners, Cocker Spaniels, Chihuahuas, Mastiffs and many more. Wags and Walks shared a photo of one of the dogs, up for adoption from the Devore disaster. It is a Husky pup.

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PEOPLE.COM : Adopt Me! Cricket Is One Tough California Girl

Home. Some pets never have one to call their own. We'd like to help change that by introducing you to an extraordinary adoptable pet every week. Today, meet Cricket, a 3-year-old pit bull mix found wandering the streets of south L.A. six months ago. 

Cricket was in bad shape, when she was discovered darting across a busy intersection by a good Samaritan. According to West Hollywood's Wags and Walks rescue, she was emaciated, covered in fleas and shaking with fear. Cricket still remains a sweet, gentle dog despite having to fight to survive on the streets for an unknown amount of time. 

The pup was treated by a vet to ensure she was on a healthy path. Then Wags and Walks, with help from their lifesaving foster and friend of the rescue Abby, helped the dog start a healthy lifestyle, which consisted of two hearty meals a day...

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To stoke excitement for the upcoming Puppy Bowl XI, ride-sharing giant Uber teamed up with Animal Planet and delivered puppies to requesting facilities across Los Angeles, Atlanta, Baltimore, Cleveland Dallas, Washington D.C., Denver Indianapolis, Phoenix, and Seattle.

For only $30, dog lovers were able to enjoy 15 minutes of playtime with an on-demand, adoptable puppy. One hundred percent of the proceeds were donated directly to animal shelters and rescue charities in participating cities.


“Here in [L.A.] we’re working with an organization called Wags and Walks,” said Eyal Gutentag, General Manager of Uber Los Angeles.  “And all these [dogs] are for adoption. When we did kittens not that long ago, we actually had a number of adoptions.”

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cbs los angeles: Uber Is Delivering Adoptable Puppies On Demand To LA Offices

Rideshare company Uber has teamed up with the Animal Planet to deliver adoptable puppies Wednesday to animal lovers in Los Angeles in preparation for this weekend's Puppy Bowl XI. Kristine Lazar reports.

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In the mood for good coffee and some puppy love? Head down to the The Dog Cafe in downtown Los Angeles, a "pup-up" shop trying to shake up the way people think about pet adoptions.

"We're like a pop-up shop, but a 'pup-up' shop. We're doing it for four days," said Sarah Wolfgang, founder of The Dog Cafe.

Those not looking to adopt can also just drop in to enjoy the coffee and the four-legged company. All the dogs are from the Los Angeles-based rescue Wags and Walks.

"Shelter dogs taken out of the shelter and put in a bright, happy environment without the bars, I think people are able to imagine them as their pets," said Lesley Brog, founder of Wags and Walks.

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The fancy hippie : wags and walks dog adoption

It’s no secret that dogs are some of the most lovable creatures on the planet. But the sad truth is, in just Los Angeles alone nearly 30,000 dogs are euthanized each year. Thankfully organizations like Wags + Walks are making it their mission to drastically reduce that number. With their unique adoption process finding your perfect pet & more importantly saving a precious life is easier than ever.

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Grounds & Hounds 

Coffee chat with lesley brog of wags and walks

Before leaving Los Angeles for our return to the Midwest, we sat down with the founder one of our amazing Southern California rescue partners, Lesley Brog of Wags and Walks. Lesley had a dream to make a difference for at risk pups, and that dream has turned into a crusade for our furry friends without a voice!

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city dog club Rescued and Reunited – A Success Story

For the majority of animals that find their way into high-kill shelters, the odds are against their survival. Of the 5 to 7 million domestic animals that enter shelters each year, around 3 to 4 million are euthanized. It's a sad reality that is often too overwhelming to bear. But there are success stories.

In March 2012, LA non-profit rescue organization Wags and Walks discovered Jasmine, an abandoned pit bull who had been surrendered by her owners to an overcrowded shelter in Southern California. Her body bore the signs of what appeared to be severe over-breeding.

Said Lesley Brog, founder of Wags and Walks, "She was a beautiful girl. Her entire body wiggled with love, and her big brown eyes were very soulful. It was obvious she was starved for affection. She had a calm energy and kept licking me through the bars of her kennel."

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After witnessing so many family-friendly dogs in shelters being euthanized due to lack of space, I left my job as a pharmaceutical sales rep, founded Wags and Walks, and appointed myself to the post of Chief Animal Lover. Kona reminds me of my much-missed Pit Bull, Dunkin, the first love of my life; he taught me not to stereotype based on breed and how much love a rescue doghas to give. Kona is smart, athletic, loving, wonderful with children and obsessed with her tennisball. She is still looking for her perfect home.
                                        —Lesley Brog


*From photographer Jesse Freidin’s “Finding Shelter” project, which celebrates the mutual nurturing that takes place between sheltervolunteers and the animals they care for. jessefreidin.com/finding-shelter

Safer Play for Kids and Dogs


As founder and Chief Animal Lover of Los Angeles-based dog rescue Wags and Walks and mom to three girls, I’ve seen firsthand how kids and dogs best go together. There is truly nothing better for a child than the love of a dog. It builds a child’s confidence, immune system and communications skills.

That said, there are some important things to know so that the dogs and kids in your life can thrive. Here are my top tips.

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Perez Hilton: Sophia Bush Adopts Pit Bull From Wags and Walks 

"I can’t encourage people enough, please don’t buy animals. Please, please adopt.

I think it’s ridiculous to support over breeding, puppy mills, cruelty in any avenue – when there are thousands of dogs a day getting put down because no one wants them.

And rescue dogs are always nicer than purebred dogs, anyway."

- Sophia Bush


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DogTime.com : Wags and Walks Dog Rescue Wins $10k Petties Grant

"Thirteen years ago, Lesley Brog rescued her first Pit Bull. She was living on her own in New York City and wanted a tough-looking dog at her side — a sort of protection against unsavory urban dwellers and other potential threats. “But it turned out,” she says, “that Duncan walked up to everyone he saw and kissed them to death.”


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