When Wags & Walks began in Los Angeles in 2011, we never dreamed of the rapid growth and level of support we would receive. From opening our Adoption Center in 2017, to quickly approaching 5,000 dogs saved since inception, we are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest chapter, Wags & Walks Nashville!

As we continue to be inspired by our alumni, volunteers and the public support we receive in LA, it only makes sense to bring the Wags and Walks mission of #bringinghappinesshome to a new community. We are so excited at the thought of what we will accomplish together, the dogs that we will save and the people whose lives will be changed.

If you are interested in getting involved, please email nashville@wagsandwalks.org. Like our first chapter, Nashville is starting with one person (a former Wags & Walks LA animal lover and employee) and will need as much support as we can get to grow! From fosters, volunteers and transporters to donations, partnerships and sponsors. Now let’s go save some dogs!

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